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  • PranaWritten abril 24, 2013 by ceslava under wpthemes

    Prana is a beautiful theme with simple and clean design. Theme can easily be used as a personal portfolio, simple blog or a complete business website. There is an impressive typography by Google Web Fonts without the need for load-heavy graphics. Some exciting features of Prana are custom menu, custom background, custom flexible header, featured…

  • impulseWritten abril 24, 2013 by ceslava under wpthemes

    A very neat and clean blue, black and white business theme. The theme supports widgets. And features theme-options, threaded-comments and multi-level dropdown menu. A simple and neat typography.impulse by Manishg (1 votes, average: 5,00 out of 5)Cargando...More info and download | Demo

  • ReddleWritten abril 11, 2013 by ceslava under wpthemes

    Everything about Reddle’s minimal design elegantly adapts to how you want to use your blog and what you want to use it for. Want to use your blog for a simple one-column link blog? A two-column business site with a custom header and no posts? Reddle can do that too — and look good doing…

  • Ice CapWritten abril 11, 2013 by ceslava under wpthemes

    White, Minimal & ResponsiveIce Cap by SayaneeCargando...More info and download | Demo

  • PyramidWritten abril 11, 2013 by ceslava under wpthemes

    Pyramid is a simple and clean WordPress theme by ThemeLeopard.com that includes post thumbnails, custom menus and much more. The options panel is easy to understand with a minimal set of options. You would absolutely love to built your site using Pyramid theme.Pyramid by ThemeLeopard.comCargando...More info and download | Demo

  • neniWritten abril 11, 2013 by ceslava under wpthemes

    neni is a clean and minimal two-column blog theme by pixxels.at. A responsive layout optimizes the theme for mobile devices. To customize the theme you can choose your own color and background.neni by Marion LindertCargando...More info and download | Demo

  • inLineWritten abril 11, 2013 by ceslava under wpthemes

    inLine is a refreshingly clean and simple minimal WordPress theme.inLine by Thomas GriffinCargando...More info and download | Demo