Kippis is a very flexible theme. It features up to three columns. Two sidebars, or one, or no sidebar at all. You can optionally have both sidebars on the same side of the main content area. You can enable/disable the sidebars separately, depending on the type of page (regular, single post, page, and gallery). User defined width. It can be anything, from a few pixels (which would be quite silly) up to thousands. Support for all smartphones. All colors are user defined, e.g. the main areas, widgets, headings, links, the menus, and more. No need to edit style.css. All areas can have user defined fonts. Again, without editing the style.css file. Custom background images for the body element and the header. Use your own favicon, if you wish. Separate settings for mobile devices. Up to four footer areas (like sidebars, but at the bottom). Supports two menus that you can put above or below the header and/or footer. Author pages feature author description, gravatar, number of posts, and more. Adds two more options, Spam and Delete, to the standard Edit link next to every comment. Includes a «Featured Post» widget, to show excerpts of posts and pages in the sidebars. Kippis is currently available in four languages: English, Swedish, Spanish, and German. -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- **What user’s are saying:** -.- «I love this theme, heaps of options!» -.- «Your theme is so easy to customize and easily integrates with all the plugins I’m using.» -.- «Finally a theme that’s not for programmers.» -.- «Love the theme. By far the best around.» -.- «Incredibly awesome and flexible theme.» -.- «I LOVE your Kippis theme, it leaves most premium themes in the dust!» -.- «The Kippis theme allows me to build a whole site in a few hours!» -.- «I finally found a theme that I can modify like crazy without getting into the CSS files!» -.- «The Featured Post widget is AWESOME! Unexpected treasure in this theme.»

Kippis by Mats Birch

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Wordpress theme Kippis


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